A variety of marsh orchids, somewhere in Suffolk, 9 June 2015

I had to visit a house nearby to quote for a job so it saeemed like the ideal opportunity to check out the marsh orchid situation at a fen I visit most years.
I quickly found a flowering 'ochroleuca' Early Marsh Orchid and with a detailed search eventually found 7 spikes out, or partially out. A few Southern Marsh Orchids are poking their heads up and I also found 2 plants that look pretty good for Pugsley's Marsh Orchid. Common Spotted Orchids are well behind this year with a few only just starting to open up.
Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Willow Warbler and Reed Bunting were in full cry despite the chilly evening temperatures!

'ochroleuca' Early Marsh Orchid

Pugsley's Marsh Orchid

 Pugsley's Marsh Orchid

Southern Marsh Orchid

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