White Helleborines in Cambs, 6 June 2015

A quick call in to a woodland local nature reserve I'd not been to before.
We were on the way to the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge (seriously don't bother with that!) and called in to Beechwoods as it was only a couple of miles off route. This nice mature beech woodland holds good numbers of White Helleborine which is right at the eastern edge of its range here. We didn't stop long but I quickly found a few plants less than 50 yards into the wood.

The day had started with a welcome if rather unpredicted garden tick - a Reed Warbler singing at 04.45 in the tree outside our bedroom window. It was still going strong at 08.30! We've also had Tree Bumblebee and Common Carder Bumblebee in the garden in recent days.

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