Wortham Ling, 17 November 2019

Sorry to bore you all but more fungi I'm afraid! I'll keep it to a minimum though because this was a quick visit and walk at Wortham Ling near Diss. Belinda had been given some very confusing directions to a couple of fungi and with a huge slice of luck (and perseverance) we managed to find them! They were the rare (and very poisonous) Panthercap and locally scarce Moor Club (aka Moor Coral). Our informant had photographed them a week ago and had no idea what they were. We also found a few other nice bits and pieces and marvelled at the sheer numbers of Fly Agarics


Moor Club

Angel Bonnet

galerina sp, probably Moss Bell

Hare's Ears


Witches Butter

Purple Jellydisc

Fly Agaric

  Scurfy Deceiver

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