The Walberswick & Southwold hinterlands, 5 July 2020

Parking along Lodge Road on the edge of Walberswick we began a clockwise circular walk towards Southwold and back.
Along the path through East Sheep Walk there were many Small Coppers, a Small Heath and several nice patches of Sand Spurrey. Then, a medium-sized hawker caught my eye as it patrolled along a line of trees by the path. The initial impression was of a pale golden brown Migrant Hawker but knowing it is too early for that species peaked my interest further. Despite it never settling I was able to get some very close flight views enabling me to note it's plain thorax sides (luckily I knew what to look for!). This confirmed my suspicions - it was indeed a female Southern Migrant Hawker. With no camera it remained un-photographed but I was more than chuffed to see my first individual of the species away from the known sites in Essex.

Other things of interest on the walk included a confiding mating pair of Norfolk Hawkers by Buss Creek, Black-tailed Skimmers, Ruddy Darter, Small White, Large White, Red Admiral, Comma, Small Skipper, Ringlet and Meadow Brown. Wildflowers included one new one for me - Small-flowered Cranesbill plus Great Mullein, Bristly Oxtongue and Common Field Pansy.

Norfolk Hawkers


Small-flowered Cranesbill

Great Mullien

 Bristly Oxtongue


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