Nine Bee-eaters in Yarmouth! 21 June 2021

What a way to celebrate the Summer Solstice! 

They say 'never chase rainbows' in respect of Bee-eaters as they are notorious for disappearing before you get there. That's precisely what Jus and I did after knocking off from work early on Monday afternoon. We arrived at Gapton Retail Park to news that they had flown off! After just a few minutes hanging around the rather dodgy surroundings at the back of the retail park news filtered through that they were at the other end of the retail site - in a field next to Maccy D's. A hurried walk ensued and we were soon watching 1, then 2, then 9 Bee-eaters that put on a great show. Initially in close bushes and then, all together in a bush further away. This was my 2nd biggest flock in the UK after a flock of 17 in Oxfordshire many moons ago. A Hobby also hawked over carrying prey while we were there and a Red Kite was over the A140 at Swainsthorpe on the way home.

Earlier, after finishing painting at Jus's a quick visit to Kirby Bedon church got me Shining Cranesbill growing in profusion just inside the church gate.

                                                                                                                                     Shining Cranesbill

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