Roydon Fen, 28 August 2023

After shopping in Diss I popped out to nearby Roydon Fen to walk the circuit there and blow the cobwebs away. My hopes of funding fungi were dashed but I did find a few plants of interest. 

In the wet woodland Bifid Hemp Nettle, Dewberry and Gypsywort were the most pleasing but as I got round into the drier woodland on the north side of the site I was greeted by a couple of very strange and unexpected species. These were Purple Viper's Bugloss and Garden Tickseed. Both presumably garden escapes or from a 'meadow mix' but very nice to see. Especially the former which only naturally occurs near Lands End!   

                                                                                                                              Purple Viper's Bugloss
                                                                                                                             Garden Tickseed

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