New Buckenham Common and recent moths, 21 May 2020

I met up with Jus at New Buckenham Common yesterday evening for a social-distanced couple of hours. We'd nt seen each other since lockdown began so it was great to have a catch-up whilst gawping at the thousands of Green-winged Orchids. Again, a reasonable variety of colour forms but no pure 'alba' specimens despite a really pale one looking good from a distance! We also had a very welcome Turtle Dove there plus a singing Lesser Whitethroat and strangely a calling Tawny Owl in bright sunlight at c18.10 with the temperature still high! We also amused ourselves checking various other wildflowers on the way back to the carpark. Hedge Mustard was a new one for me as was a Lesser Trefoil in my parents garden while delivering their shopping earlier in the day.

 Green-winged Orchids

With the continued good weather I've had my moth trap out fo r the last 3 nights with some reasonably pleasing results.  In addition to those photographed below I've had Pale Tussock,  Red Twin-spot Carpet, Light Emerald, Cinnabar, Marbled Minor agg, Waved Umber, Brown Rustic, Mottled Rustic and Common Marbled Carpet amongst the commoner more numerous species. 


Bird Wing


Maiden's Blush

Poplar Grey

Poplar Hawkmoth

Red-green Carpet

Swallow Prominent

Treble Lines

        White Ermine

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