Stinking Fleabane - new to Norfolk, 23 September 2021

The rather unfairly named Stinking Fleabane (it actually smells like menthol) had never been recorded in our county before and a look at iRecord shows just 3 distribution dots for the whole country. It has a foothold in Hampshire. While on a bike ride last week to see the Whitlingham Ragweed I told him about Louis Parkerson stumbled across a big patch of c200 plants growing right beside the A47 Norwich southern bypass. He had the identification confirmed and quickly gave me the details of where to find them. 

So, on Thursday after work I popped along for an easy if slightly dangerous (traffic whizzing past my ear!) find. I wonder how long it's been flowering quietly there without being noticed? We shall never know but the numbers of plants stretching quite a way along the road suggests it's been a little while.



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