Scotland/Cumbria trip, Day 5, 24 June 2018 - Loch Bran & Tebay Services

We had time to visit just one site before the long drive back south to Kidderminster. That was the beautiful Loch Bran south of Loch Ness. Here we found our main target Brilliant Emerald very easily with a female egg-laying at our feet as soon as we approached the water! We went on to see loads more, mostly patrolling males which really are 'brilliant'! Into the bargain there we also a few 'Highland' Darters including a pair in tandem, Four-spotted Chasers, Large Red Damselflies and Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Brilliant Emeralds

'Highland' Darter

 Loch Bran

We had just one more place to do something on the way back where on the bank by the carpark at Tebay Services were an impressive display of big Northern Marsh Orchids with several Northern Marsh x Heath Spotted hybrids.

Northern Marsh Orchids

      Northern Marsh x Heath Spotted hybrid

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