Sheringham area, 30 June 2018

A walk in Sheringham Park from Upper Sheringham to the clifftop near Dead Man's Wood and back. The weather was glorious but naturewise things were pretty quiet. It was good to note Purple Hairstreak from the top of the gazebo in the park and a Southern Hawker was along the clifftops, my first of the year. Ringlets, Green-veined Whites and Silver-Ys were out in good numbers.

Green-veined White

 The view from the gazebo, Sheringham Park

After lunch in Sheringham I negotiated a quick visit to Beeston Common. Here, almost the first orchid I clapped eyes on was a gorgeous white Marsh Helleborine of the var. albiflora. A variation that I'd only seen once before and at this same site! There were plenty of more run of the mill Marsh Helleborines, a few Marsh Fragrant Orchids and a large number of Common Spotted Orchids.

Marsh Helleborine var. albiflora

Marsh Fragrant Orchid

    Marsh Helleborines

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