Two new Breckland Sites, 23 June 2020

After work on Tuesday I took advantage of already being halfway to the Brecks and the promise of a warm balmy evening.

First up was Ramparts Field just outside West Stow Country Park. Just a short stroll from the carpark I found my main target there - the scarce and rather splendid Maiden Pink. I went on to find quite alot of them in beautiful condition but my other target of Breckland Thyme was curiously absent. Also there was  loads of Vipers Bugloss, Common (or possibly Small) Cudweed, Meadow Chickweed, Common Storksbill. Small Heath and Small Copper were also seen.

The other site was only a couple of miles away - Icklingham Triangle. I'd never even heard of this site but it came up trumps with a patch of legumes right by the entrance gate featuring Sickle Medick, Lucerne and the very variable hybrid of the two - Sand Lucerne. These are all classic sandy soil Breckland specialities. Sand Lucerne is extremely variable in colour and I found deep purple, pale lilac, pale creamy yellow and dark olive-yellow ones. The thyme eluded me again though! An Essex Skipper there was my first of the year.

Maiden Pink

 Sickle Medick

Sand Lucerne

   Common Cudweed (or possibly Small Cudweed)

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