Gull-billed Tern at Alton Water, 9 August 2020

An early start this morning and I was down at Alton Water the other side of Ipswich in double quick time. Initially I went to the main carpark but realising my error (it's a long walk from there to the outfall near the NE corner). I drove around and parking in a lane it was a much quicker stroll coming in from the north and gave direct access to the outfall 'jetty'. And upon arrival the adult Gull-billed Tern showed immediately in flight. In the following 45 minutes it did several fly-bys and also sat preening on the railings on the end of the jetty with the local Common Terns

I quit the scene once I'd had my fill and headed for Lower Holbrook where a look at the saltmarsh in the bay failed to locate any Lax-flowered Sea Lavender or Golden Samphire but did give me loads of Sea Purslane, Common Sea Lavender, Sea Aster and Common Cord-grass. The latter being a saltmarsh specialist. 

Back at home in the afternoon another botanic tick materialised in the form of  garden 'weed' - Pale Persicaria.      

                                                                                                                            Gull-billed Tern

                                                                             Sea Purslane  

                                                      Common Cord-grass
                                                               Pale Persicaria

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