Revealed - where to look for Chequered Skippers in England

Readers of this blog will know that on 25 May this year (my birthday!) I managed to track down and photograph Chequered Skipper in the Rockingham Forest area of Northants.

It took me some time of internet research, examining satellite images and then hours of tramping the woodland rides to find one but boy was it worth it. Butterfly Conservation have told me in writing that they now intend to make the location public as the 2020 flight period is well and truly over. So, as I haven't seen anything from them yet the following map should give you all you need to know to get you to the spot in Westhay Wood. Bear in mind that in hours of searching in perfect warm and sunny weather conditions in late May I only managed to find one individual (an an official BC transect the same day found none) so they are not easy. The low numbers might be because they are not doing well but could equally be because the unusually hot May weather brought them out early and I caught them right at the end of their 2020 flight period.

Good luck to anyone who tries in 2021...





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