Chilling in the meadow! 1 June 2018

My local wildflower meadow is one of my favourite places to go when I need some peace and quiet and my nature 'fix'. It also has the benefit of being botanically very good!

This afternoon I spent a relaxing hour or so there and was pleased to see Suffolk's only Frog Orchids are now up. I counted 12 plants but there are no doubt more. As usual both 'red' and 'green' forms were present. Wandering about, most of the Green-winged Orchids are now well past their best but one was enhanced by a Mother Shipton moth which alighted on it briefly! A blue female Common Blue posed nicely for my camera and then I located a single Common Twayblade which I've never seen at the site before. A Yellowhammer sang and as I was leaving a Grey Partridge flew from the roadside.

Mother Shipton on Green-winged Orchid

Common Blue, female of the blue form

Common Twayblade

Frog Orchids

 Green-winged Orchid, var. alba

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