Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Sedgeford, 24 December 2019

Writing up my Sri Lanka trip was rudely interrupted today by a dash up to Sedgeford for the Eastern Yellow Wagtail that was found yesterday.

Upon arrival it had gone missing and had effectively been 'lost'. It took a good hour for it to be re-found with a couple of flight views down a track from where we stood. Luckily it then settled into an area of 3 'dung' heaps on a concrete pad down a track 1/4 mile east of the road. Here it showed very well albeit a little distantly for photographs perching on the heaps, trees and a disused rusty oil tank. It flew around several times and each time gave the distinctive EYW call.

Variously known as Alaska Wagtail and Blue-headed Eastern Yellow Wagtail it was a male of the nominate form tschutschensis and a very smart bird indeed.

An unexpected but very welcome Norfolk tick and a lovely early Christmas present.  It was also a nice festive social with many familiar faces from the Norfolk birding scene.


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