An ultra weird Fly Orchid in Suffolk, 23 June 2019

Having missed this oddity last weekend I ventured back this weekend safe in the knowledge that it was stil there and now marked by no less than 6 flags! Even I couldn't fail to find it! It really is one of the weirdest Fly Orchids I've ever seen being stunted, with flowers not fully opened and also a vivid green fring to the lip and 'arms'. It's also interesting to note that every single other Fly Orchid had gone over yet this beaastie prevails.

On to a nearby meadow where the sheers number of Pyramidal Orchids was stunning, with a good variety of colours including several pure white alba specimens. The spot was also overrun with Sulphur Clover! Nuthatch, Garden Warbler and Song Thrush were also seen/heard in the wood.

weird Fly Orchid

Pyramidal Orchids

 Sulphur Clover


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