Bee Orchid var. chlorantha, Suffolk, 13 June 2019

Despite the continuing inclement weather I had a lovely afternoon out today with Meg Miller who had kindy offered to show me some Bee Orchids of the chlorantha variation. Driving onto her uncle's farm and a short walk later we were photographing these rare beauties. There were 10 plants with a similar number of 'normal' Bee Orchids in an area of set-aside all diligently 'flagged' by Meg.

I was then treated to a tour of her extended garden which holds hundreds of Pyramidal Orchids, a few Common Spotted Orchids and the odd one or two Bee Orchids. Her wildflower 'meadows' are really lovely and I'm very jealous! Also there are c20 Common Broomrape looking very majestic.

Then it was a walk to a field at the other end of her village where the amazing sight of c1200 Bee Orchids blew me away. If it hadn't been chucking it down with rain I'd have seriously got down to counting them! The same area held some nice patches of Fox and Cubs, loads of Black Medick, Selfheal and Mouse-ear Hawkweed.

Bee Orchids var. chlorantha

Pyramidal Orchid

Common Broomrape

    Just some of the c1200 Bee Orchids!

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