Bee Orchid var. flavescens, 27 June 2019

More Bee Orchid variation shizzle I'm afraid!

This time I found a distinctive 'flavescens' plant on a roundabout. This variation is basically a stp down from a full 'chlorantha', showing white sepals but with a lip that shows a faded quality like a shadow of a standard lip pattern. These can be confused with faded standard Bee Orchids but this was a fresh flower and those sepals are pure white.

While I was having a mooch about I found some more variable brown-lipped plants which, it could be argued are either bicolor or atrofuscus but don't fit either exactly. It's all a matter of where you draw the line!

Bee Orchid var. flavescens

 Bee Orchids var. anyone's guess! (bicolor/atrofuscus?)


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