Twitching a fungus - whatever next?! Whitlingham CP, 31 October 2018

Thanks to my mate James Emerson I was armed with precise directions to a fungus I've long wanted to see. Having waited a few days for some good weather at 07.30 this morning it was a glorious frosty, misty morning with the low autumn sun breaking through the trees at Whitlingham CP.

Following the directions I was very soon watching my quarry - Wrinkled Peach, a gorgeous looking fungus growing out of moss on a fallen log. The same log had Jelly Ear and the curious Tripe Fungus which looks like a bracket fungi but is soft and wrinkly underneath. Nearby I also found 2 Wood Blewits before I had to leave and head for work.

I'm very much a fungus newbie but could see this becoming a new area of great interest!

Wrinkled Peach

Wood Blewit

Tripe Fungus

   Jelly Ear

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